Sam Knaak

Sam Knaak is a recording studio owner, engineer, mixer, producer as well as a film production teacher.  Ear Witness Records was found in 1999 as a platform to release local hiphop artist compilations that Sam was producing as well as singer-songwriters.  As Sam started working with other labels doing engineering, like True American Records, in the early 2000's, the Ear Witness name also was attached to Sam's home studio and now 450 square foot studio (built from foundation up!) in Whittier, CA.  Artists that have been serviced through Ear Witness include Sammy Johnson, Dead by Noon, The Wonderstrikes, King Klio, Royal Ruckus, Paulie Pesh, Tyrone Wells, Sara Lindsay, the VooDoo Fix, LA Symphony, Elina, Laura Scott, Glory, Moonsville Collective, Corey Adams and the Rabble Family, Hunter Scott MacLeod, Cookbook, Pigeon John, Repeat-Repeat, Macho, Youngster, Jeremy William Smith, The One-Six Worship Project, Thena Dare, Sharp Skills, Elias, Joey the Jerk, Propaganda, Rootbeer, Mike Barnet, Danny Vasquez, The Golf Channel, Toyota and more...


Featured, Placements on TV and Film
Winner, Produced Song Intel Super-starts Award
Winner, Produced band Moonsville Collective OC Music Awards


Ear Witness Records